It’s not all him on his knees

I hate my toenails for a variety of reasons, the main one being they are attached to the toes that I am not overly fond of. I like straight toes. I like his straight toes. I like to mind him, to care for him. When I mind him he feels submissive because I am taking care of him. Not in a “Mammy/boy” way. Just that he feels special when I show my love for him. When he feels special he feels submissive and therefore is more attentive to me. But I don’t take care of him so that he will feel submissive, it’s just a bonus side effect.

On Sunday I asked him to show me his feet. He took off his socks and presented his feet. I told him his toenails needed to be cut. He looked up with that puppy “my favourite thing” look on his face and said “Will you cut my nails Miss?”

Now don’t get the wrong idea, I didn’t end up on my knees cutting his toenails. He put his feet in my lap and I cut the nails on the ends of his beautifully straight toes.


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