I am needy

Like all of us I need different things from different people.  I need his submission, his love, his attention.  I need him to just do what I ask him to do.  I need him to not back chat, not sass me, not question why I want what I want.  I need all of those things on an ongoing basis.  I need his service, his touch, his kisses.

I also need an audience, a group of people to share this part of my life with but one step removed.  I need to express the whys and the wherefores of this part of me but cannot do it with mainstream society.  And so I blog.  But these days I am writing to myself.  I know people are reading because they are clicking like etc but there is no feedback (other than The Girl).  There is no conversation.

Please say hello.  I am not looking to dominate random internets, I just want to know that you are there, that you read what I write, that you like what I write.

As I said, I am needy.

3 comments on “I am needy

  1. We all need a little feedback so that we know there are people that relate to us in one way or another. Keep interacting, sometimes you have to make the first move!

    • No I haven’t, I just have lots of stuff that I have started and never finished… I will polish some of them up and get them up on here.

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