What if it were me?

He arrived into the sitting room, presenting himself to me as a good boy, one who was willing to do whatever I wanted or needed done. He looked beautiful with his one bent knee and the shy look on his face.

I sent him away & told him I would follow him shortly. He sat, waiting patiently for me, knowing I would arrive but not knowing when.

He stood when I walked into the room and asked permission to undress me. He got more and more excited with each item of clothing.

He was so caring and attentive, so loving, and yet so needy. He needed me to be in charge, to be the person I am in our relationship.

At one point I rolled over & realised I was lying on my hand and forearm. I was pinned. I lay there for a moment, wondering if I would get anything out if being restrained. The answer was a swift, and catagorical NO! I untucked my hand, rolled us both over, pinned his hands over his head & felt altogether better.

We are as we should be. A good boy & his Miss.