I forget

I hate that I do it but I am not always on the ball and being not always on the ball with a boy that can easily slip into bratty is not a good combination.

When I remember I overcompensate and to be honest I don’t like that. I don’t like fighting for lost ground, trying to make back what I feel I am missing, something that I let go. And yet I love the outcome. I love the him that he is when he is swimming in the pool of domination, when all he wants is to meet my expectations, to not disappoint me any further.

Why can I not have that reaction from him without having to go crazy ass Domme on him? I know it is not him, I know it is me that forgot and remembered too late. I know it is me trying to claw my way back up the pedestal.

One of these days I will break a nail doing this shit!