Patience is a virtue

that today I do not possess. I was going to blog this but as you said, my blog should not be a means of communication for us.

I felt more connected to you in the 1 minute FaceTime call last night than I have all week. I ache for the peace of having you near me. The ability to reach out and touch you, to see your face when you tell me that you want to spend the rest of your life with me. Words on a screen can only give me limited peace.

I long to touch your head while you seek comfort at my breast, to hold you in my arms and know that you are mine, that we will settle into a new groove that is good for both of us. I want you to touch me and tell me that you are not pulling away, that there is not something more interesting than me.

But patience I will have to find. Peace I will have to wait for.