When you ask me again…

You ask me, and sometimes tell me, about going “back” to a vanilla way of life, of “calling a halt” to D/s.  When I asked you last night about why you do it the clearest answer you gave me was that you want to know from me what this way of life is the way I want to continue.

This is the way I want to continue.  Full stop.  This is our way of life.  This is the way we do things.

So the next time you ask me, rather than letting my head think you want out, I am going to remember that you just want confirmation that I want in.

Well, my boy, I am all in.

Awkward Conversation

When I made his spreader bar & used it on him he broke the clip on his ankle cuff in his excitement. I had a look around eBay & found 10 clips for €2 which would do the job perfectly.

They arrived in the post yesterday while my mother was visiting and of course she asked why I bought them. My choices for answers were:

Well, my boy broke the clip on his bondage cuff while I had him hung out of the door frame and getting these clips means I don’t have to replace the whole clip & now I can tie him up again.


I saw an idea for Christmas decorations using clips. I got them for €2 on eBay so I figured “what the heck”

I opted for #2 but I suspect she will want to see the decorations. I think that will have to be a DIY fail that I will just never be able to produce 😉

You are not him

I am guilty of comparing you to him. You always win because his bar is so low you can only be better than he is.

I am also guilty of treating you like him. That’s not fair. I assume the reactions I got from him, the lack of ‘giving a shit’ but you are not like that. I’m sorry that I do that. It is getting less frequent & I hope to stop it altogether because ultimately…

You are not him.